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Our learning environments

The environment is considered the third educator in the learning process. As such, it is designed to be adequate and sensitive to children’s need to be protagonists in the construction of their own knowledge.

Na Global Village, a arte é o fio condutor da aprendizagem.


Global Village understands that art is essential for human intellectual and emotional development. Therefore, we offer our students the Atelier, yet another challenging space with materials and objects intentionally organized to enable children to manifest themselves artistically, visually communicating the result of the stimuli they receive during the learning process.

Construction Room

To encourage our students to be constructors, we offer the Construction Room, a space for cooperative and exploratory work based on the idea of creating or inventing something “out of nothing.” A wide variety of materials, scrap metal and tools is available to this end.

Creative environments such as this room enable hands-on learning and help develop the critical reasoning and skills required in the 21st century in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), besides encouraging self-confidence and entrepreneurship.

Brincar de construção com blocos de madeira desenvolve habilidades lógico-matemáticas e tridimensionais essenciais à alfabetização das crianças.

Sensory Courtyard

Rather than the traditional courtyard, Global Village offers its students sensory courtyards – beautiful, spacious outdoor areas that closely resemble a garden, where children are free to interact with nature and their peers to expand and diversify their sensory experiences.

Since children learn a lot through their senses, the sensory courtyard is the perfect place for them to develop aesthetic perception and awareness through observation and interaction with plants, sounds, scents, tastes and textures, enhancing their appreciation of the beauty and simplicity found in nature.

Experimental kitchen

In the Montessori Method, the school kitchen is a very significant place, since is allows children to reproduce family life situations that represent caring relationships and loving nutrition.

From the age of three, students at Global Village start developing activities in the school’s experimental kitchen, including all stages – from planting and harvesting produce in our vegetable garden to cooking and tasting recipes they prepare themselves.

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