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The School

“To educate is to commit to the development of individuals as a whole, it is to work with the intellectual dimension, but also the physical, emotional, social and cultural dimensions. It is to place students at the center of the learning process and share the construction of knowledge.” (Cavoukian and Meirelles, 2009)


Skilled Staff

Global Village invests in the training and continuing education of its staff, constantly improving on the best practices of early childhood education. That ensures excellence in education for our children.

Depoimentos Pais

Mission statement

To educate students to be, belong and become. Each child, each mind, each heart.

Vision statement

To be a leading and innovative school that values skilled professionals and the best pedagogical practices to educate children that are communicative, inquiring, respectful, caring, responsible and happy.


Respect for differences
 Cultural diversity


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