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Na Global Village as crianças constroem conhecimento colaborativamente, através de experiências, nos diferentes espaços pedagógicos da escola como, por exemplo, o pátio sensorial.

Global Village offers excellence in education 

English immersion bilingual education in Caxias do Sul

Global Village offers excellence in education 

With an individual-oriented view, but always focused on the collective and interpersonal relationships, Global Village offers excellence in education for children from 18 months.

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We value childhood and view children as right-bearing, active agents who interact, play, imagine, desire, learn, question and construct meaning about nature and society, becoming producers of culture.

A aprendizagem significativa é aquela que a criança experiencia através das sensações no corpo.
Nossa escola possibilita experiências sensoriais múltiplas para que cada criança aprenda à sua maneira.

One child, a hundred languages

Global Village views art as an indispensable tool for children to express themselves, and therefore explores it in many different ways. The materials available to children are simple and aesthetically selected to enable them to develop their full range of languages.

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